Security Training Videos and Phishing Quizzes

Security Training Videos and Phishing Quizzes
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Episode 1 - Passwords

Episode 2 - Data Handling

Episode 3 - Computer Theft

Episode 4 - Phishing and Ransomware

Episode 5 - Removable Media

Episode 6 - Vishing

Episode 7 - Internet Downloads

Episode 8 - Wi-Fi

Social Engineering

Good short video on Social Engineering, what it is, how to identify it.

Proofpoint short video on Social Engineering 

Phishing Training Quizzes

The user will need to study the example emails carefully and determine which emails are Legit, and which ones are Phishing Emails.

Last but not least, a Classic hilarious IT industry comedic skit from SNL!

The One.... The Only.... Nick Burns!!!!!