reNgine Reconnaissance Suite and Vulnerability scanner Turnkey OVA

reNgine Reconnaissance Suite and Vulnerability scanner Turnkey OVA
Turnkey Pre-Configured and updated Ubuntu 22.04 LTS OVA Template VM with reNgine 2.0.6 ready to go running under Docker!

reNgine 2.0.6 Attack Surface Discovery, OSINT and Vulnerability Scanner!

So I have been following this project for a while, and it has come along way! It was terribly buggy when it first came out, and it has been afflicted with installer issues, and still takes some special nudging to get it working correctly!

So I figured I would take it up a notch and make a turnkey OVA template anyone can import using VirtualBox. Simply download the OVA file below and import into Virtualbox to get started!

The VM is running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in a minimal configuration running Docker, and the project is configured to automatically load on VM start.

Once the machine boots, there is no login needed, click on Firefox and it will take you to the default admin interface. There is an instruction file with the username and default passwords I set.

Important Info

The Ubuntu user is - "rengine" with a password of - "netmanageit".

Likewise, the default reNgine admin web login creds are as follows.

Username - "admin" and Password - "netmanageit" respectively.

The only other configuration you need to do is load your favorite VPN/ Wireguard client, or go to the proxies configuration tab. Here you set your HTTP proxies it will use to scan with in a rotating fashion. I setup my own cloud farm of proxies using Squid I use for various other purposes. Otherwise you can use a commercial service, or just load a VPN Service Client on the Guest VM and enable it before scanning.

Other than that, for more information on Github, feel free to drop by and show your appreciation to Yogesh Ojha for all his hard work putting this together! Click below to start the download.

NOTE : Be patient, I trimmed and zero'd all the space I could to compress it down as much as possible. Still it is a 8GB OVA file, even if the server does push it to you fairly quickly.

Happy Recon!