Password Complexity, Password Manager's Master Password Creation.

Password Complexity, Password Manager's Master Password Creation.
Is your Master Password or passwords complex enough? Hard to remember?

Password security Tip #1032 . Assuming your using a top notch Password Manager, and if your not, you should be! See below an example of creating your master password, or any password, that can greatly increase the complexity, AND be easy to remember.

Your master password for a password manager should be as secure as possible for obvious reasons. How about making it a "saying" or sentence that is unique to you and easy to remember, but grammatically off or unusual. What I mean is instead of a password like "BP#$@#111234<49" use something like "Mere Civility Unusual Ramblings". Then throw in a couple special characters if you want, although not necessary.

The first password, upon inspection, seems more complex. Yet it "ONLY" takes 8 thousand years to crack/brute force. The second one using the same measurement, takes 68 BILLION years to brute force crack.

Finally, proper use of a password manager means letting the PW manager create/generate long random passwords, different for each protected asset never to be reused. Such as, you do not need to remember, nor want to remember all those passwords. EXCEPT your master password. :)

Lesson? Complex passwords can be easy to remember, AND secure!

Hope this quick tip helps you rethink password complexity ideas!