Live HoneyPot Dashboards

NOTE: I took the Pot offline, as it was being targeted so much, the server would fill up with logs within a week, and or hang. Will be taking a break, and then eventually be putting it backup on another ISP/IP Address.

HIT PLAY and go FULL SCREEN for best viewing experience for the Streams.

Due to the our Honeypot needing to be disguised to be the most effective, and lacks the granular security controls for the system's dashboard to be accessed safely by the Public. As well as whitelisting admin pages to a few static IP's. I set these streams up to isolate public viewers from the Pot, meanwhile still being able to enjoy the live detailed metrics and visualization.

There are no DNS or SSL records to be found, or any identifying information on the box for that matter. My creative solution here involves an originating Broadcast endpoint VM, which authenticates securely through a browser with a 30 second elastic dashboard refresh interval to stay near real time, The Attack Map is Live with no delay.

OBS Studio runs on the same VM which pushes/streams the content to a dedicated back end streaming server which people access directly via SSL via the embed below. The feed resolution for dashboard is 1920x1080 @ 10fps, while the Attack Map is 1920x1080 @ 30fps. I modified the Kibana dashboard to pack the most amount of awesome data in one place, These are Live attacks recorded instantly to the database and visualized immediately. Enjoy!

HIT PLAY and go FULL SCREEN for best viewing experience for the Stream.